opening january 23 7pm mst.

The 2021 roster will be limited to the first 75 registered riders. There will be no waitlist this year. There will be categories for solo, paired and single speed.

Step 1: Complete registration by following the below link. (if the link still works, that means there are spots available.)

Sep 24, 6:00 AM MDT
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Step 2: For 2021, a $20 minimum donation will be required to one of the following bike based advocacy organizations. You can donate to one or to several, and you can donate more than $20 total if you'd like. Links are below to check them out and make your donation.


Adventure Access Fund

Bike Utah

Bikepacking Roots

After successfully completing Step 1, you'll receive a confirmation email directing you to email a copy of your donation receipt to

That's it. You'll receive a confirmation back and be placed on the roster for 2021.

Closer to the grand depart, waivers and rule sheets will be sent for acknowledgement. Expect tracker fees to be in the range of $100 for rental and $20 for a personal tracker.

And then you should proceed to get your shit together and start training.